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Semi-flexible RF Cable Type

Feb 16, 2017

Conventional semi-flexible RF cable has 50 ohms, there are 10Ω, 12.5Ω, 25Ω, 75Ω and other different characteristics of the impedance of the product, using tinned copper wire weaving, the overall tin-plated outer conductor structure. Compared with the semi-hard coaxial cable has a better flexibility, can be used for external communications, electronic warfare, navigation and other radio frequency transmission of smoke in the machine line, delay line.

According to user needs, the conductor can be used silver-plated copper, Shanghai too can use PVC, FEP and other materials. Features: high frequency, low acid and alkali, small standing wave, good shielding performance, high reliability and good bending flexibility.

There are SFX-50-2, SFX-50-3