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Waveguide Coaxial Conversion

Feb 16, 2017

Use the environment

Waveguide coaxial conversion is used in the microwave communication system, he is the waveguide and coaxial connection, waveguide coaxial conversion is a variety of radar systems, precision systems and test equipment indispensable passive conversion device. Coaxial and waveguide sub-transmission bandwidth payment, the necklace bandwidth depends on the converter, that is, depending on the coaxial waveguide characteristic impedance matching

General shape

The general waveguide coaxial, is made of copper, or aluminum material, the general shape is orthogonal form, and after the fast, ladder two forms, known waveguide interface and coaxial interface can decide what kind of Waveguide coaxial conversion, waveguide port larger, generally use D-type flange, otherwise it is B-type flange, coaxial interface is generally N-type, or SMA type, when the frequency is large, no way to use N type interface. When the frequency is wide, add a needle bar to the area where the coaxial connector is connected, increasing its bandwidth.

Waveguide coaxial conversion performance

Waveguide coaxial conversion VSWR is generally not more than 1.20, the greater the frequency, the greater the standing wave, attenuation is the same, BJ84 (WR112) general loss is about 0.3dB, the use of feed-forward, the attenuation will be smaller,