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Characteristics Of Semi - Flexible RF Cable

Feb 16, 2017

Semi-soft coaxial cable combined semi-hard coaxial cable superior electrical performance and soft coaxial cable, easy to bend features, semi-soft cable with excellent electrical properties and meat unique mechanical advantages, his structure is based on the standard PTFE insulation Semi-hard coaxial cable of the same design, he used dip (coated) tin braid shielded outer conductor, to improve the semi-hard cable copper tube outer conductor is not easy to bend, poor flexibility of the shortcomings, so that it has a semi-hard cable superior electrical performance , But also has the structure of soft performance, make up for semi-hard cable copper tube outside the bending performance of the shortcomings of the same time, the elimination of such external conductor and j reduce the braided conductor electrical path on the formation of martial arts point contact, that is, Source of intermodulation distortion;

When the use of wrapped copper foil coated with silver-coated copper outer conductor, this structure on the one hand to improve the semi-hard copper tube outer conductor is not easy to bend, on the other hand around the package coated copper foil coated with silver coated outer conductor, Improve the cable shielding, reducing the loss of cable outside the conductor.