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Tips for laying out cable in electric switch cabinet (Part Two)

Apr 27, 2017

Tips for laying out cable in electric switch cabinet (Part Two)

6, all the two circuit connection wire should not be the middle of the connector, the connector can only be located in the device terminal or terminal line.

7, each electrical components of the contact up to 2 lines. The terminal point of each terminal is generally not suitable for connecting two wires. If the two wires must be connected in a special case, the connection must be reliable. Switch cabinet

8, the two line should be away from the arc element, and shall not interfere with the operation of electrical appliances.

9, ammeter and shunt between the connection must not go through the terminal, its length shall not exceed 3 meters.

10, the current loop should pass the test terminal to the measuring instrument.

11, more than the end of the wire should be added to the end of the cold wire connection. Weak loop section area is less than 1m square meters of single stranded wire should be used in soldering or other suitable connection way.

12, the two line shall not be connected from the bus through.

13, pull back spring terminal connection:

1) the wire strip length: about 10 mm;

2) soft wire should be set on the line after the nose pressed and then inserted into the terminal, pay attention to the core of the copper wire does not expose the nose and to compaction;

3) the wire is inserted into the terminal port until the wire is inserted into the bottom.

14, shielded cable connection

Tighten the shielding line to about 15 mm long;

Press the wire together with the shield with a wire nose;

The pressed wire is folded on the outer layer of the insulated conductor;

The shielding wire adopts single terminal grounding.

15, heat shrinkable tube fixed wire connection part.