RG59A Coaxial Cable

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RG59A/U coaxial cable specifications



. Standard Mil-c-17

. Insulation Material: Solid PE

. Impedance:73Ω±3

. Color: Black, White


Typical Application: RG-59A/U is a specific type of coaxial cable, often used for transmission of a video and radio signals in application such as security system or CATV.


Best Feature: The cable RG59A has a characteristic impedance of 73 ohms, and a capacitance of around 20pF/ft (60pF/m). The 73ohm impedance matches a dipole antenna in free space. RG (for radio guide) was originally a unit indicator for bulk radio frequency (RF) cable in the U.S. military's Joint Electronics Type Designation System. The suffix /U means for general utility use. Lower signal loss than smaller diameter cable such as RG179


Delivery: Normally3~5 days for samples,it will depend on when you place the order and at that time if our production is busy or free. After all the sample confirmed, 7~15 days for the mass production.However,we'll do our best to speed up with not low the quality. 

RG59A/U coaxial cable specifications

Material of Inner Conductor

Bare Copper, CCS

Structure of Inner Conductor


Material of Insulation

Solid PE

Diameter of Insulation


Material of Braiding(Shielding)

CCA,  Bare Copper, Tinned Copper

Structure of Braiding(Shielding)


Material of Jacket


Diameter of Jacket


Working temp






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