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Characteristics and requirements of charging pile cable material

May 04, 2017

          As the bridge between the pile and the car, the performance of the charging pile is very important. In addition to the basic performance of the cable, such as insulation and flame retardant, the overall hardness of the cable should not be too high, because it is often bent. The so-called charging pile cable material is generally refers to the elastomer related materials for insulation and sheath layer. Material performance requirements of oil resistance, tear resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, high and low temperature resistance and soft performance. At present, the mainstream is TPU, TPE, PVC elastomer, etc..


charging pile cable.jpg

The charging pile cable produced by elesuncable is featured as below:

1 good oil resistance, can be tested by 902# oil, diesel oil, gasoline, etc.;

2 good wear resistance, tear resistance;

3 high mechanical strength;

4 high and low temperature, no cracking;

5 high flame retardant, flame retardant test by UL1581 VW-1;

6 water resistance, ozone resistance, UV resistance, rolling resistance, no cracks, no cracking;

7 good physical and chemical and mechanical electrical properties;