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China's security and video surveillance market

Jun 14, 2017

At present, China's security and video surveillance market in recent years as a whole, the market continued good news, the government investment to stimulate the steady growth of video surveillance market, security awareness will improve long-term development.

 The driving factors of the development of the market are: 

  1. smart city, intelligent transportation demand growth, a variety of financing has also led to the government's investment and promote the development of the whole security platform to specialized, practical and intelligent direction, system platform openness, bring the whole ability of demand.

  2.  not only public security, information technology and other government departments of security construction, the application industry for security monitoring needs are increasing, such as the financial industry monitoring, system upgrades and networking.

  3.  the social security awareness has been continuously improved, which has promoted the practical development of public demand and application industry demand.

Although the monitoring of security and market development for many years, but the standard lag, disorderly competition still hamper the development of the industry:

 1. security monitoring standards lag behind the development of the industry, resulting in duplication of development and waste of resources, compatibility and openness is more and more important.

 2., in the second tier cities, low quality and low price competition still exists, hindering the healthy development of the industry. 

3., in recent years, security monitoring profits continue to decline, the use of funds costs continue to rise.