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GSMA: Mobile Technology And Services To Create Economic Value Of $ 10 Billion For Colombia

Jun 22, 2017

GSMA said in its latest report that mobile technology and services accounted for about 3.8% of Colombian global GDP in 2016, equivalent to $ 10 billion in economic value. The report, titled "Country-based Overview of Colombia - The Mobile Industry Working Together with the Government to Promote Entrepreneurship and Innovation", was written by GSMA's research agency, GSMA Intelligence, and in Cattiaca, Colombia, June 20-23, 2017 Held at the 2017 Latin American Telecommunication Conference (CLT17).

The new report notes that local mobile operators have been pushing the Colombian digital agenda - starting in 2011, investing $ 9 billion in networking and spectrum. Driven by these investments, Colombia's current mobile broadband coverage has increased significantly, with 3G coverage exceeding 92% and 4G coverage of 65%. It is expected that the total capital investment will exceed $ 5 billion over the next four years (2017-2020), mainly due to operators' continued expansion of network coverage and increased network capacity.

GSMA Intelligence predicts that the mobile sector's contribution to the Colombian economy will increase from $ 10 billion in 2016 (3.8% of GDP) to $ 13 billion (4.2% of expected GDP). This impact on GDP includes both direct and indirect contributions, as well as productivity gains from mobile technology and services. In 2016, the mobile ecosystem provided about 64,000 jobs (directly and indirectly) to Colombia and paid $ 2.3 billion to the public sector in the form of taxes and other regulatory fees.

Sebastian Cabello, head of GSMA Latin America, said: "While the government has been supporting the digital economy - mainly through its infrastructure and inclusive programs, there is a need for further regulatory modernization to Ensure that all ecosystem participants have a vibrant and competitive environment that encourages investment and innovation. "