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Chinese Communications Satellite No.16 Successfully Launched.

Apr 18, 2017

    On Beijing time April 12th at 19 am, China's satellite launch center in Xichang with the long march No. three carrier rocket will be the star of the communications satellite No. 16 (Practice No. thirteen) successfully launched.

    ChinaSat 16 is the first satellite Dongfanghong satellite B Chinese self-developed full configuration, is China's first high throughput communication satellite.

     Star 16 will provide Ka band high throughput satellite communications services, communications capacity can reach more than 20Gbps, more than the sum of the total capacity of all communications satellites developed by China in the past 26. Compared with the traditional C, Ku band, Ka band satellite has characteristics of high throughput capacity, anti-interference, low price and flexible business model; comparison of ground network, with rapid deployment, short construction period and other advantages.

    To provide services for Chinese ChinaSat 16 main areas such as users, can realize remote areas of mobile communication base station access and other industry applications, applied to the enterprise network, remote education, health care, access to the Internet, radio and television news gathering, airborne ship communication and emergency communication field.

    Further, high throughput satellite, Chinese Satcom will also deploy greater capacity to 2020, covering the whole territory of Chinese and the Asia Pacific region, satellite communication capacity close to the 200Gbps capacity, to meet the demand for broadband broadband communication Chinese "and" The Belt and Road "strategy