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What's the usage and characteristics of THHNTHWN cable

Oct 24, 2018

Main uses and usage characteristics of THHNTHWN cable 

THHN Nylon sheath wires and cables made  by Jiangsu Elesun Cable have better electrical and physical properties than ordinary PVC insulated wires and cables.

THHN with UL certificate  has good heat resistance, low weight loss in high temperature operation, can improve the instantaneous thermal overload resistance of wire, can slow down or reduce the escape or migration of PVC components.

Nylon sheath wire and cable has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, self lubrication and oil resistance.

Compared with PVC insulated wire and cable with the same section, THHN cable from Elesun has the characteristics of small outer diameter, light weight, small static friction coefficient and corrosion resistance, which can improve the safety and applicability in laying.

Nylon sheath wire rated voltage 450/750V, widely used in household appliances, aerospace systems, buildings and lighting.We can supply 2awg,4awg,6awg,8awg, 10awg, 12awg, 14awg,18awg,20awg,

The long-term operating temperature of the cable is 90 C or 75 C, the temperature of laying is not less than 0 C, and the bending radius should not be less than 4 times of the cable diameter.

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