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The RG174 is the best cable for GPS antenna

Oct 10, 2018

The RG174 is the best cable for GPS antenna

The small parts of the car antenna are not new to everyone, they can be seen in almost all cars. But to ask what it is for, some people think that "the antenna is useless, just a decoration," and even some people think that "this decoration is too ugly," simply removed. However, this is not the case, especially for some cars.

Can the car antenna be removed? Some cars can't really do this!

First of all, automotive antennas are by no means decorative, antennas are used to receive signals, according to the different functions of the antenna is also divided into many kinds. Such as radio antenna, GPS antenna and so on.

One of the things we often see is radio antennas. It is used to receive or enhance received signals, and GPS antennas are usually small black patches that are pasted into parts such as car dashboards. Some cars are printed circuit antennas hidden above the windshield, which are much more beautiful. In the case of a radio antenna, it's usually okay to take it down, but if you're in a remote area where the signal is not stable, you'll be able to appreciate the antenna.