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SMA connectors match the cable such 5D-FB,RG174, RG58

Oct 24, 2018

SMA series RF connectors is a widely used coaxial connector with small thread connection. 

Central conductors and insulators of both SMA Mlae and SMA Female connecoors  are usually fixed by capture to obtain sufficiently low VSWR. 

The SMA series is made of British threaded connection with high strength and good seismic resistance. The external conductor faces are directly contacted to reduce insertion loss. 

Compared with other types of connectors, the SMA series has the characteristics of small size and low VSWR. 

With suitable adaptor cable, SMA connector still has good electrical performance at 18GHz. The connector is specially machined.

Jiangsu Elesun cable can make the cable assembly with SMA connectors match the cable such 5D-FB,RG174, RG58. with good performance in the long run.

RG316-SMA female