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tips for choosing home improvement wires(1)

Jun 14, 2017

When we do the decoration of the house, we need to select electric wires. However, the quality of the wires in the market is uneven, and the materials used in different places are different. How to choose the home appliance wires is a problem. Here are some tips for choosing home improvement wires.

Tip 1: pay attention to length.  For example, BVV2 * 2.5mm, each roll length is 100 + 5 meters,  the length of non formal products ranging from 60-80 meters.

Tip 2: pay attention to O.D of conductor. For example, 2.5 square BVV wire, commonly known as copper single. It is called 2.5 square because the diameter of copper conductor is 1.78mm. 

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