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tips for choosing home improvement wires(2)

Jun 14, 2017

Tip 3: check the quality of copper. The bare copper color is red, while brass is yellow. The bare copper is soft and the brass is stiff. NEVER buy the copper clad aluminum, Copper clad aluminum is not copper, is a kind of aluminum, it is coated with a layer of copper in aluminum outside the material when the wire is easy to heat or short circuit caused the fire.

Skills 4:PVC materials. PVC material, Jerry built, almost nothing. A ton of good quality PVC, but the price is only 8000 yuan; and a ton of copper to 60 thousand yuan, in this false cost is too high.

Tip 5: look for the CCC logo. Home improvement wiring must have CCC certification mark, this is the national compulsory safety certification products, only qualified inspection has "CCC" certification mark. Wire quality will affect our lives and property safety, we must choose to have CCC certification mark of wire products.