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The development history of coaxial cable

Dec 29, 2017

The development history of coaxial cable

    1st Generation: polyethylene material for core insulation dielectric cable, the use of SBVD type, SYV core type. Features: 1. The process is simple  2. the cost is high 3. the attenuation is  bad 4. the life is short.

    2nd Generation: chemical foaming PE material for insulation dielectric cable, use model, SYFV type. Characteristics: 1, low foaming degree, 2.chemical foaming agent residue,and influence dielectric property 3. short life, 4. no longer used

    3rd Generation: the cable of the lotus root core longitudinal hole PE material as insulation medium, use model, CTA type. Features: 1, the process is complex, but the attenuation performance is much lower than the first two generations, the dielectric is constant,  2. the lotus root is easy to enter water and aging. The service life is generally 5 years, 3. and it is no longer used.

    4th Generation: physical foamed PE material as insulating medium, using model SYWV.C-F. Features: 1. the foaming degree can be as high as 80%, 2. and the attenuation characteristics are: microporous sealing is not interlinked, the performance is stable ,3. and the service life is longer than 20 years.


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