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The constructure of coaxial cable

Dec 29, 2017

Coaxial cable consists of 4 parts: inner conductor, insulation, outer conductor (shielding layer) and sheath

(1). inner conductor

The N conductor usually consists of a solid conductor. With the skin effect of high frequency signal, the copper clad aluminum wire is recommended for the distribution network or trunk line that needs power supply. The copper wire and copper wire can also be used for the users net without power supply. This not only ensures the transmission performance of the cable, but also meets the requirements of the power supply and the performance of the machine ring.

(2). insulation

N insulation can be used as polyethylene, polypropylene, fluoroplastics and so on. The common insulating medium is polyethylene with small loss and good process performance.

(3). external conductor

The external conductor of N coaxial cable has dual functions. It is not only a wire of the transmission circuit, but also has shielding effect. The outer conductor usually has 3 kinds of structure.

a. double braiding,

b. metal tube outer conductor 

c. whole tined copper conductor.

(4). sheath

N outdoor cable is suitable for black polyethylene with excellent climate characteristics, and light colored polyethylene should be used for outdoor cable from aesthetic consideration.

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