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Residential intelligence system cable

Apr 17, 2017

    Residential intelligence began in the mid 90s of last century, is a nearly ten years before the development of new industries. China's current residential area construction, the main function of the demand for intelligent security, investment accounted for about 80% of the district's intelligent construction, which includes public security and home security, the majority of the two. The main contents are: 161818 identification, fence perimeter guard, Park parking lot management, video surveillance, security electronic patrol, visitors visual intercom, access control, security and other Home Furnishing unit. Therefore, in China, the so-called intelligent building area, is currently the main stage of development of security companies.

residantial cable .jpg

    For the new residential areas, the current market is mainly to provide two solutions: first, based on the semi digital video recorder solution. One is based on network video products network solutions. Hard disk video recorder based on the difficulty of the need to carry out a large number of Engineering cabling in the cell. In addition to the completion of residential residential video surveillance, the demand for the alarm is also very strong, so in the area around the laying of a large number of video cable, control cable, signal cable.

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