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Automatic fire alarm system cable

Apr 17, 2017

Automatic fire alarm system (Fire Alarm System, referred to as FAS system) for early detection of people informed of the fire, and promptly take effective measures to control and extinguish the fire, an automatic fire facilities and set in a building or in other places, people are the same as a powerful tool to fight the fire.

The fire alarm system is generally composed of fire detector, area alarm and centralized alarm. It can also be linked with all kinds of fire fighting facilities and communication devices according to the requirements of the project, so as to form a central control system. It is composed of automatic alarm, automatic fire fighting, safe evacuation guidance, system process display and fire file management. Fire detector is an instrument to detect fire, due to the occurrence of fire, will be accompanied by smoke, high temperature flame. These smoke, heat and light can be converted into electrical signals through the detector alarm or automatic fire extinguishing system to start, put out the fire in time. The alarm signal will be converted to areas where the floor of the detector sends out sound and light alarm, and display the fire room number on the screen; centralized alarm also can monitor several floors (if the monitor is located in the building fire control center) automatic fire extinguishing system output signal or control. Alarm signal is received by way of sound and light show, the screen also shows the specific fire floor and room number on the machine stop time go first alarm clock to record the use of the machine specific phone, but also quickly issued instructions and alarm to the fire brigade. In addition, it is possible to control the fire extinguishing system or transmit the fire signal to the fire control room.

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