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FEP or Lszh Jacket Coaxial Cable for Communication

Jun 29, 2017

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: SFF-50-3-1

  • Conductor Material: Sccs

  • Type: Cat 1

  • Conductor Type: Solid

  • Certification: ISO, RoHS, CCC, UL, VDE

  • Brand: Elesun

  • Transport Package: Pallet/Carton/Tray/Reel

  • Origin: Jiangsu

  • Application: Local Communication Cable, Coaxial Cable, LAN Cable, Fiber Optic Cable, Long Distance Symmetric Cable, RF Cable, Submarine Cable

  • Cover Material: PVC/FEP/LSZH

  • Material Shape: Round Wire

  • Wire Core Material: SC or SCCS

  • Model: SFF-50-3-1

  • Trademark: elesun

  • Specification: 1/0.92

  • HS Code: 8544200000

    Product Description

    FEP or LSZH jacket coaxial cable for communication

    Technical Data:

    1. Operating temperature range: (-65~165)° C

    2. Inner conductor: Silver-plated copper clad steel wire

    3. Outer conductor: Tinned copper braid outer conductor of the overall dip tin

    4. Insulation: PTFE

    5. Jacket: FEP/PVC/LSZH

    6. Application and features: Semi-flexible coaxial cable with good shielding, the use of high frequency, standing wave ratio is small, power, reliability and other characteristics, as opposed to semi-rigid cable with repeated bending function for the black box of internal connections, mobile base station, delay lines, radio equipment and other electronic devices.

    Cable structure and key performance data:

    1. Inner conductor number/diameter (mm): Sccs1/0.92

    2. Nominal insulation OD (mm): 2.98

    3. Nominal diameter of outer conductor (mm): 3.58

    4. Nominal Feature Impedance (Ω ): 50

    5. Attenuation constant ≤ DB/100m:
    0.5GHz: 0.35
    1GHz: 0.45
    5GHz: 1.20

    6. Return Loss ≥ DB:
    0.5GHz: 30
    5GHz: 23

    7. Maximum bending mandrel diameter (mm): 11

    8. Test Voltage (kv): 5


    1. Sc: Silver-plated copper wire
    Sccs: Silver-plated copper clad steel wire

    2. According to customer requirements characteristic impedance of 35Ω , 50Ω , 75Ω And 100Ω Cable, etc., while according to the customer asks for a PVC or FEP jacket.