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Difference between Cat5 and Cat6 network cable

Mar 31, 2017

Here is a brief description of the CAT5E and CAT6 wiring system product performance difference:

1.CAT5E wiring physical bandwidth: 100MHz, CAT6 wiring physical bandwidth: 250MHz;

Tips: the higher the physical bandwidth, the higher the transmission rate.

2.CAT5E cable is usually used 24AWG gauge (copper core diameter of about 0.51mm), CAT6 cable usually adopts 23AWG gauge (copper core diameter of about 0.57mm);

Tips: the bigger the copper core diameter, the better the conduction performance, the lower the signal attenuation on the line, in the field of PoE application 23AWG than 24AWG in the energy transfer has an absolute advantage.

cat5 network cable

 3.The maximum data transfer rate of CAT5E in theory is 1200Mbps, and the CAT6 in theory supports a maximum data transfer rate of 2400Mbps;

Tips: the higher rate, the greater the physical bandwidth.

4.CAT5E wiring does not support the 10GBASE-T Gigabit Ethernet application standard, CAT6 wiring can support the 10GBASE-T Ethernet application standard, but the transmission distance is limited, not more than 37 meters.

Tips: Category 6 wiring system is able to meet the needs of short-range Gigabit Ethernet Applications, over five systems can not support.

5.CAT6 cable is usually with cross structure to reduce the crosstalk between the lines, and its (NEXT) near end crosstalk performance index is higher than the CAT5E performance index (1-100MHz) in the range of 5-10dB;

cat5 cat6 earthnet cable.jpg

Comprehensive comparison of the two level distribution system between six kinds of wiring system not only in the physical aspects of electrical performance is far higher than the five wiring system, but also in terms of speed and stable transmission of data is far higher than that of over five kinds of wiring system. At the same time, along with the 6 types of cabling market continues to mature, the scale of the promotion of the 6 types of products to promote the scale of the production of the 6 categories, making the price of the product is no longer than the top 6 categories of more than the price of more than 5 categories.