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Best Feature of XLPE Insulation Cable & Wire

Mar 28, 2017

   XLPE is the abbreviation of the English name of crosslinked polyethylene, polyethylene is a kind of linear molecular structure. The process of crosslinking polyethylene makes it a net structure. This structure has a strong ability to resist deformation even at high temperatures.

   XLPE cable material is a kind of polyethylene containing organic peroxide. Under the condition of high temperature and high pressure and inert gas, the peroxide is chemically reacted with polyethylene, which makes thermoplastic polyethylene into thermosetting polyethylene, namely XLPE.

   XLPE cable has excellent electrical performance. The dielectric loss is smaller than the paper insulation and PVC insulation, and the capacitance of the XLPE cable is also small. Therefore, the charging current and the ground fault current can be reduced in the non active star grounding system.

   Easy to lay is another advantage of XLPE cable. XLPE cable has a smaller bending radius, which is lighter than other similar cables and has a simpler terminal handling. Since the XLPE cable is not oil, it is not necessary to consider the route when laying the XLPE cable, and there is no reason why the cable can not be laid.

   Excellent aging resistance and super heat resistant deformation determine that the XLPE cable can allow large current to pass through the normal operating temperature (90 ), short time fault (130 ) and short circuit (250 ).