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What Are The Structural Components Of ELectric Wire & Cable Products?

May 27, 2017

ELectric Wire & Cable used to transmit electrical (magnetic) energy, information and electromagnetic energy conversion of wire products, the generalized ELectric Wire & Cable is also referred to as a cable, narrow cable refers to the insulated cable, which can be defined as: the composition of the following parts ; One or more insulated cores, as well as their respective possible cladding, the total protective layer and the outer sheath, the cable may also have additional uninsulated conductors. For the transmission of electrical (magnetic) energy, information and the realization of electromagnetic energy conversion wire products.

Broad ELectric Wire & Cable is also referred to as a cable, narrow cable is the insulated cable. It may be defined as a collection consisting of one or more insulated cores and their respective possible cladding, the total protective layer and the outer sheath, and the cable may have additional uninsulated conductors The

The vast majority of ELectric Wire & Cable products are cross-section (cross-section) shape is exactly the same (ignoring the error caused by manufacturing), was a long product, which is due to the system or equipment is used as a line or coil used features The decision. Therefore, the analysis of the cable structure of the product structure, only from its cross-section to observe the analysis.

The structural elements of ELectric Wire & Cable products, in general, can be divided into four main structural components of wire, insulation, shielding and sheathing, as well as filling elements and bearing elements. According to the requirements of the use of products and applications, and some product structure is extremely simple.

Cable material

In a sense, the ELectric Wire & Cable manufacturing industry is a finishing and assembling industry for materials. First, the amount of material is huge, the cost of materials in the cable products to account for the total cost of manufacturing 80-90%; Second, the type of material used, the variety is very high, particularly high performance requirements, such as conductor copper, copper purity More than 99.95%, and some products to use oxygen-free high-purity copper; Third, the choice of materials will be on the manufacturing process, product performance and service life to play a decisive impact.

At the same time, the benefits of ELectric Wire & Cable manufacturing enterprises and materials selection, processing and production management can save the material is closely related.

Therefore, in the design of ELectric Wire & Cable products must be used with the selection of materials at the same time, the general use of several materials, through the process and performance screening test to determine.

Cable products with its use of materials and functions, can be divided into conductive materials, insulation materials, fill materials, shielding materials, materials and other protective layer. But some of these materials are common to several structural parts. Especially thermoplastic materials, such as polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and so on as long as the change part of the ingredients can be used in the insulation or jacket.

Cable materials used in the manufacture of materials involved in a wide range of categories, variety specifications (grades) particularly large.