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The SMA Connector Interface Is Usually Determined By Its Application

Oct 20, 2017

1) The SMA connector interface is usually determined by its application, but at the same time to meet electrical and mechanical performance requirements.

2) BMA type connector for blind plug connection for low power microwave systems up to 18 GHz.

3) BNC connector with bayonet connection for frequency less than 4GHz RF connection, widely used in network systems, instrumentation and computer interconnection.

4) TNC in addition to the screw outside the interface and BNC similar to 11GHz can still be used in the vibration conditions of excellent performance.

5) SMA screw connector is widely used in aviation, radar, microwave communications, digital communications and other civilian civilian areas. The impedance of 50Ω with a flexible cable with a frequency of less than 12.4GHz with semi-rigid cable when the maximum frequency of up to 26.5GHz, 75Ω in digital communications on the application of broad prospects.

6) SMB volume less than SMA, for the insertion of self-locking structure, easy to quickly connect, the most typical application is the digital communication is L9 replacement products business 50N meet 4GHz, 75Ω for 2GHz.

7) SMC and SMB are similar to the screw to ensure a stronger mechanical properties and a wider frequency range is mainly used for military or high vibration environment.

8) N-type screw connector for the air for the low cost of insulating materials, the impedance of 50Ω and 75Ω, the frequency up to 11GHz is usually used for regional networks, media transmission and testing equipment.

9) RFCN provides MCX, MMCX series connector small size, reliable contact, is to meet the intensive, small size of the preferred products, has its wide range of applications.