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How The ELectric Wire & Cable Industry Adapts To The Energy Internet

Jun 22, 2017

The future may be this: building energy consumption can be adjusted according to the number of people in the building, can be based on personal needs of remote control of air-conditioning, electric lights and other electrical switching time; In a smartphone or computer, you can easily sell your unwanted electricity to others ... All this is not just a matter of imagination, but is already in practice, the realization of these things is based on the energy of the Internet.

The energy Internet will be disruptive to traditional technology. From the Internet to things, from the industrial Internet to the energy Internet, "hundreds of millions of of people will make their own renewable energy sources in their homes, offices and factories, and share the green energies through the ' energy Internet ' as we get and share information online." "The vision of the third industrial revolution has been closer to our lives, the Internet activates the traditional industrial production and energy will not be bypassed, is the future of the world's major wave."

ELectric Wire & Cable as the transmission of electricity, electrical and other electromagnetic energy to achieve the conversion of wire products in China's manufacturing industry has an important role and status, the current annual output value of more than 1.2 trillion yuan. However, as with China's manufacturing industry, ELectric Wire & Cable industry is also a big but not strong, product homogeneity, overcapacity, vicious competition and so on. Under the new normal economy in our country, the ELectric Wire & Cable industry must seize the opportunity, accelerate the strengthening of bone and accelerate the transformation and upgrade under the background of two fusion acceleration, Industry 4.0 and Internet. The internet is moving from the consumer goods industry to the equipment manufacturing and energy, new materials and other industrial fields, and comprehensively promotes the transformation of traditional industrial production. The ELectric Wire & Cable industry should seize this opportunity, accelerate the transformation and upgrade, and improve the world level made in China.

To speed up the exploration of new ideas and directions in the transformation and development is a major issue that the ELectric Wire & Cable industry is facing at present. One of the paths is to improve efficiency through the Internet + strategy and transform to intelligent manufacturing. Internet thinking for all walks of life to provide a new way of development, ELectric Wire & Cable industry is no exception.

As a power transmission of blood vessels and nerves, the role of ELectric Wire & Cable in the energy Internet can not be underestimated. The energy Internet is a challenge and opportunity for the ELectric Wire & Cable industry. ELectric Wire & Cable industry If you want to seize this opportunity, we must first understand the various characteristics of the energy Internet.

The energy Internet is in fact through the internet and wind energy, solar energy and other renewable energy to combine to achieve a convenient sharing. For example, in the northern hemisphere at night, its surplus energy can be transferred through the Internet to the southern hemisphere in the daytime.

From the trend of development, the emergence of the energy Internet will make the price of energy become cheaper. One of the most important trends in the energy industry's future is the localized production of energy. The cost of renewable energy will be lower, while the cost of renewable energy can be reduced at a multiple rate, and the cost of fossil energy is rising.

From now to the next few decades, the energy of the Internet is a trend, energy information is very critical. Intelligent equipment, so that the dynamic response to the needs of changes in the home of washing machines, refrigerators can change with the demand for electricity changes. The future of intelligent power equipment, intelligent power generation equipment and intelligent storage equipment, through the means of information technology, the three between the machine and machine communication, the balance between supply and demand will be more effective.

As the foundation of Energy Internet, the energy Internet uses advanced sensors, control and software applications to connect energy production, energy transmission and energy consumption to billions of devices, machines and systems, forming the "material-linked basis" of the energy Internet. Large data analysis, machine learning and prediction are important technical support for the realization of the life-body characteristics of the energy Internet: through the integration of operational data, weather data, meteorological data, grid data, electricity market data, the energy Internet carries out large-scale data analysis, load forecasting, power generation forecasting, machine learning, and optimizing the efficiency of energy production and energy consumption, and the demand and supply will be adjusted dynamically at any time. Intelligent power generation, electricity, storage equipment, will eventually access the network, with the help of information flow, to form a dialogue.