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Coaxial Cable Pass Rate Of 64%

Jul 04, 2017
Recently, the Shanxi Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau announced the coaxial cable, wire rope, AC low-voltage power distribution devices and other four types of product quality supervision and spot checks, the results show that coaxial cable sampling rate was only 64%, wire rope sampling pass rate of 97.5% , AC low-voltage power distribution device is 100%.

The total of the province's three production enterprises and 47 distribution units of the 50 batches of coaxial cable quality supervision and spot checks, qualified 32 batches. The spot checks involved in the production of the province's three batches, all qualified, involving the production of 47 batches of foreign enterprises, there are 18 batches of substandard. This sampling sampling emphasis on small businesses produce products, so the pass rate is relatively low. The existence of the main quality problems: First, the internal and external conductor structure failed to show the inner conductor or outer conductor diameter measured value is less than the nominal value. The sampling, the inner conductor structure failed 9 batches, the outer conductor structure failed 12 batches. Second, the insulation diameter or insulation diameter failed. Insulation diameter or insulation diameter failure, will cause the internal radio waves are reflected back to the signal transmission source, so that the normal signal is attenuated. Leading to the main reason for failure is the lack of awareness of some manufacturers quality, not according to national standards of production, and some production process control lax, and some companies one-sided pursuit of efficiency, in order to reduce production costs cut corners. I plant production SYV-75-5-1 type Lucent coaxial cable, its logo, the conductor, the insulation diameter, the minimum insulation thickness, the outer conductor structure does not meet the standard requirements.

The total of Taiyuan, Xinzhou, Jinzhong three regional distribution enterprises in the 80 batches of wire rope quality supervision and spot checks, qualified 78 batches, sampling pass rate of 97.5%. Unqualified two batches, the existence of the main quality problem is the tensile strength does not meet the standard requirements. Tensile strength will cause the wire rope can not meet the corresponding strength requirements, easy to break in the use of early, to the user left a security risk. The main reason for failure is the use of unqualified raw materials or production process control caused by lax. In this sampling, by the Yuci Xinyuan Hardware Distribution Department Distribution Department of the nominal Nantong Satellite Steel Co., Ltd. produced 6 × 19 + FC ф12.5 1670MPa wire diameter 0.8mm satellite brand wire rope, the tensile strength is not Meet the standard requirements.