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High - Speed Insulation Series Production Line Five Functional Units

Feb 16, 2017

(1) cable unit: including copper rod Sheng line, high release frame, copper wire drawing machine.

(2) tough plastic unit: including conductor preheating, toughness, tension balance wheel.

(3) Extrusion unit: including preheating machine, auxiliary tension machine, main extruder auxiliary extruder (production foam, solid core insulation structure is, extrusion solid skin), removable sink, spray cooling Sink, traction machine (with spray, the maximum line speed 2000-2500m / min)

(4) detection unit: including water capacitance tester, high pressure tester, insulation diameter tester (photoelectric. XY two-way).

(5) take-off unit: including tension balance wheel, take-up machine (two turn-line automatically switch, up and down).