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Customize Electrical Cable For Harness

Mar 18, 2020

Elesun cable can customize cable and wire according customer's requirements.

We ship dozen pallets of UL2464 to Germany market .

UL2464 is a big family which contains stranded and braiding sizes used on different electric devices and vehicles  .Besides UL2464 , Elesun cable produce UL series such as rated 300v wire  UL1569 UL1007 , rated 600v  wire UL1015 UL3173 for inner control system . For all the electrical wire, we have CE and UL certificates , part of them have high temperature resistant PVC jacket for special usage.

Elesun try best to meet market needs and develop new material continuously. We got a qualification from automobile vehicle system that more and more elesun products will be first place in china automotive vehicle field in future. Welcome inquiry any time