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BNC Connector Interconnection Level

Oct 31, 2017

BNC connectors can be divided into five levels according to the functions of internal and external connection of electronic devices.

① internal connection of chip package

② IC package pin and PCB connection. Typical connector IC socket.

③ printed circuit and wire or printed circuit board connection. Typical connectors are printed circuit connectors.

④ the bottom plate and the floor of the connection. Typical connectors are cabinet connectors.

⑤ connection between equipment and equipment. Typical products are round connectors.

The third and fourth levels have some overlap. In the five levels of the connector, the highest market value is the third and fifth level of the product, and the fastest growing is the third level of the product.

BNC connector on the current, mainly divided into:

BNC barrel connector for connecting two thin cables into a longer cable;

BNC-T head, used to connect the computer network card and network cable;

BNC terminator, used to prevent the signal from reaching the cable after the fracture back to produce interference. The terminator is a special connector that has a well-selected resistor that matches the characteristics of the network cable. Each terminal must be grounded.

BNC cable connector for welding or screwing to the end of the cable;