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What is the difference between RG179 and RG316

Jun 17, 2020

Firstly  Different standards

1. RG179: According to BAI-standard DUZHI :M17/94-RG179, maximum working frequency: DC-3ghz.

2. RG316: Meeting the standard :M17/113-RG316, maximum working frequency: DC-3ghz.

Secondly Different insulation thickness 

1. RG179: OD 1.55.

2. RG316: OD 1.52mm

Thirdly, Different characteristics

1. RG179: Good resistance to electromagnetic interference and high performance softness, light weight, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

2, RG316: With excellent electrical performance of shielding, attenuation, standing wave and other indicators 

3. Inner conductor:  for RG179 7/0.102 sccs, and for RG316 7/0.17 sccs

4.The FEP diameter of RG179 and RG316 is 2.54mm and 2.49mm respectively.

5, Characteristic impedance of RG179 is 75Ω, and characteristic impedance of RG316 50 Ω.,