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The function of communication cable

Aug 04, 2020

Communication cable (English name: communication cable) refers to the high frequency carrier and digital communication and signal transmission cable used for short distance audio communication and long distance communication. It is one of the top five cable products in China.According to the purpose and range of use of communication cables, they can be divided into six series of products.Namely duct (including insulation paper city words line, polyolefin insulation polyolefin sheath city spring), long distance symmetrical cable (including high frequency long-distance symmetrical cable insulation paper, copper foam polyethylene high frequency long-distance symmetrical cable and digital transmission distance symmetrical cable), coaxial cable (including small coaxial cable, coaxial cable of the coaxial and small), cable (symmetry can be divided into the bottom of the sea and coaxial cable, fiber optic cable (including traditional cable type, banded columns formation and skeleton type three), radio frequency cable, radio frequency and coaxial radio frequency) (including symmetry.

Communication cable manufacturers are distributed throughout the country.In addition to the production of long-distance communication cables and city phone cables, fiber optic cables and polyolefin insulated synthetic plastic city phone cables have also made great progress in China. Many domestic manufacturers and research institutes have introduced technology and equipment from abroad to start production.Every year, a small amount of polyolefin insulated polyolefin sheathed plastic local telephone cables are sold to Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.