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The difference between RG58 and RG58/U

Mar 25, 2021

RG is the United States military standard RG58 is one type of 50 ohm polyethylene wire, respectively:

RG58A/U multi-core tinned copper is generally foamed insulation with low loss

RG58/U single core bare copper

RG58C/U multi-strand tin-plated copper solid core polyethylene

However, many of the products produced in China generally do not meet the RG standard of the United States, especially those produced by small factories. For similar types of lines, please refer to SYV50-3

The specific difference between RG58 and RG58/U should be that the conductor is different. RG58 means that the conductor is copper-clad steel,U means that the conductor is copper, and ABC means that the conductor is aluminum thin.Each company has a different representation, but 58 and 60 are used to represent cable models, such as Series 59, Series 60 and Series RG11.

The same series of foams have the same outer diameter, but the conductor is different and the aluminum is thin and different after weaving.There are single - stick and double - stick as well as anticorrosive aluminum thin, various expressions.The larger the cable type data, the thicker of the cable diameter