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The CCA conductor and BC conductor in coaxial cable (part three)

Dec 20, 2017

The CCA conductor and BC conductor in coaxial cable (part three)


Copper clad aluminum conductor is sold by weight, the copper conductor is sold by weight, copper clad aluminum conductor than the price of the same weight of some expensive copper conductor. But the same weight of copper clad aluminum than copper conductor length, and is calculated according to the length of cable. The same weight of copper wire is 2.5 times the length of the wire, the price is just a few hundred dollars per ton. Integrated down, they have the advantages of copper clad aluminum. Because of the copper clad aluminum cable is light, cable transportation costs, installation costs will be reduced, will bring convenience to construction.


The use of copper clad aluminum can reduce network failures, avoid network maintenance personnel in the "winter shear shear core, summer skin" (aluminum tape longitudinal or aluminum products). Because the expansion coefficient of copper in aluminum conductor and cable outer conductor thermal difference, in the hot summer, the aluminum outer conductor stretching large copper conductor relative retraction, not full access to the F elastic contact piece in the head seat; in cold winter, the aluminum outer conductor shrinkage is larger, the shielding layer off. When the coaxial cable with copper clad aluminum conductor, and aluminum outer conductor of the thermal expansion coefficient is small, temperature change, fault cable core is greatly reduced, improving the transmission quality of the network.