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Robot cable UL2586

Nov 29, 2017

A power supply with a robot cable that corresponds to 600V. The insulating material adopts special elastomer developed alone, with excellent bending performance and high cost performance.

Excellent characteristics

The special elastomer insulation material developed alone has excellent bending performance and high performance price ratio.

At the same time as the rated voltage of 600V, the equivalent fine diameter of the same product as 300V is realized. The interchangeability of the cable with the rated voltage of 300V is ensured.

It is soft and easy to set up and is suitable for small machines with limited space of cable wiring.


ORP-D,, and her election, a portrait of the Internet have

A movable part of a handling device, an inspection device, a FPD manufacturing device, etc.

A welding robot or assembly robot, the arm and the rotating part of a multi joint robot.

The sliding part of a right angle robot, such as a mounting machine, is a single axis type.


robot cable UL2586.jpg

UL STYLE No.2586 (grade 105 degree C 600V)

Conductor tinned copper stranded wire

Special elastomer of insulating material

Core line identification (next table)

Sheath material (sheath color) oil resistant PVC (black extinction)

ORP - D - sheath labeled ELESUN ELECTRIC CABLE Delta UL in AWM2586 105C 600V VW-1, 

Sales of length 10m.