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double shielded RS485 communication cable factory

Dec 01, 2017

High frequency signal cable (standard RS485 communication line):


The United States Belden standard, double shielded, independent diversion line, tin conductor transmission distance of more than 800 meters

Application scope

Special low capacitance insulation material to ensure the low core of core capacitor between the optimization of cutter pitch effectively reduce the amount of proximal and distal crosstalk and attenuation, 120 ohm impedance index to guarantee the impedance matching characteristics, shielding structure design of double shielded guide line to ensure its in high frequency cable not subject to electromagnetic interference of electric field. In fact, the complex installation condition as a great challenge to the cable quality assurance capabilities, through continuous optimization and improvement of technology, the number of solved bladar optical and electrical high frequency attenuation caused by signal instability. The problem of characteristic impedance mismatch, near end crosstalk and so on makes the signal high fidelity and stability, and is widely used in the field of high frequency signal transmission.

Cable structure

Standard for cable structure: reference to BELDEN 9841 and BELDEN9842 standards

Conductor: conforming to the 6 types of conductors in DIN VDE 0295 (or IEC 60228)

Insulation: special custom polyolefin insulating material with excellent tensile strength and insulation resistance index

Insulation identification: conforming to DIN VDE 0293 standard

Outer sheath: special custom-made soft corrosion-resistant elastomer sheath. Good tensile strength and oil resistance index, gray, meet the requirements of RAL7001.

Shield: fine tinned copper braid shield shield density more than 95%+ aluminum foil wrapped

Characteristic index

The working voltage of U/UO:S = 0.75mm - 300/500, V

S = 1.0mm - 450/750, V

Test voltage: 2500V, 50Hz, 5Min

Characteristic impedance: 120 Omega

Capacitance: core to core capacitance is not more than 72pF/Km (can be designed according to requirements)

Minimum insulation resistance at 70 C: 20 M Omega Km

temperature range

Mobile installation: -5~+70 C (can be designed according to requirements)

Fixed installation: -40~+80 C

Minimum bending radius

Mobile installation: 7.5X cable outer diameter (only limited to mobile)

Fixed installation: 4.5X cable outer diameter