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RG174 coaxial cable used in GPS GSM antenna systems

Apr 24, 2017

RG174 coaxial cable used in GPS GSM antenna systems   

   GPS vehicle monitoring and management system of the basic purposes are: vehicle real-time positioning, vehicle monitoring and control, vehicle scheduling management, vehicle alarm disposal, vehicle logistics management, online search service, SMS voice communications, etc.. The system is suitable for urban, regional and national networking, and is suitable for the government, the group, the enterprises and institutions as well as the private vehicle users.

    1, GPS global positioning satellite system (referred to as GPS)

The GPS system is a means for determining the position of the vehicle by the GPS vehicle management system. The vehicle equipment receives the signal from the GPS satellite, and obtains the real-time longitude and latitude position data by the data processing. GPS is a global positioning satellite system which was built in 1993, which is open to global users. It has the characteristics of any place, any time, all-weather, high precision positioning and timing.

  2, GSM/GPRS mobile communication system (referred to as GSM/GPRS)

Communication system is a two-way data exchange platform between vehicle equipment and vehicle data service platform. The vehicle data service platform for vehicle position data and status information through GSM/GPRS mobile communication platform, user monitoring center issued data or voice mode control, dispatching command through the vehicle data service platform and GSM/GPRS mobile communication platform. In addition, the digital stone GPS vehicle management system is compatible with a variety of communication platform capabilities, you can also use the telecommunications sector has been built or under construction of CDMA, CDPD, cluster and other wireless data communications systems.

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