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Key technologies of RF coaxial cable components based on 5g small base station

Dec 02, 2019

With the rapid development of mobile communication, the global users' demand for mobile data is growing rapidly. It is expected that by 2021, the world will officially enter the 5g era. The general transformation trend of 5g network is that mobile RF devices are closer to the end users to improve the coverage and speed up the data transmission. Due to the construction limitation of traditional Hongji station, the solution to improve the coverage is to deploy more small base stations, so the arrival of 5g will really drive the explosive growth of small base stations.

I. overview of RF coaxial cable components

RF coaxial cable assembly is composed of RF cable and matching RF connector, which are assembled according to certain processing technology to transmit RF signal. The RF coaxial cable assembly is mainly used to connect the antenna and RF module unit, and also can be used as the connecting wire inside the equipment to ensure the low loss and high quality transmission of RF signal.

In the design stage, the first consideration of a high-quality cable component product is the selection of cable and connector. According to different application occasions and technical requirements, select the appropriate type of cable and connector products, and consider the physical size, mechanical and electrical performance and even temperature characteristics. The reasonable design of cable components is the premise to ensure that they meet the performance index.

As a key part of communication system, RF cable component is an indispensable and important component. With the arrival of 5g, the communication equipment is becoming smaller and smaller, and the small base station will be widely used to achieve more high-speed data transmission; and the size of the RF unit and antenna is also shrinking, so that the performance requirements for the small RF cable components are higher and higher, and the demand is also growing. Therefore, from the point of view of design and manufacturing, we should improve or redesign the cable and connector respectively, and strengthen the control and optimization of production process to meet the application requirements of 5g system for cable components.

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