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Coaxial cable shield layer

Aug 24, 2020

Coaxial cable has mainly four parts which are inner conductor , Insulation , shield  and last outer jacket.  The shield layer has very important role on coaxial cable signal transimission .

Such as 50 ohm coaxial cable RG174 and RG58 ,they are belong to small cables, whose shield layer may tinned copper material show a better transmiting performance when they used for vehicle antennas, GPS antennas ,marine antennas.... .Of oourse, we'd like choose high dense braiding size to guarantee lower signal loss ,but it is not the higher the better, usually 80%-95% enough for most of PVC jacket coaxial cable , Elesun recommend 4D-FB,5D-FB,7D-FB .... bigger cable tinned copper braiding too.

While, FEP jacket wire or cable like RG316,RG178,RG179 most are silver copper material braid.

In one word, customer choose cable not only consider price , shield effect also big element .

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