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Best features of LSOH cable (Part Two)

May 05, 2017

Best features of LSOH cable (Part Two)

4, Do not cause corrosive gas:

The new special coating material and has no pollution to the environment, does not produce HCL gas production, use and process of combustion, emissions of acid gas, the personnel and equipment damage, more environmental protection feature.

5, Waterproof, anti-UV

The use of special molecular structure of  environmental protection material to ensure super low water absorption. Special UV absorber, so that the product has good UV protection function. Ensure the safety of the use of such products, extend the service life. The first to launch a "green cable" name is a Japanese company, the product standard is FN (Ecomaterial) ecological cable standard in western countries, Britain has formulated the requirements of environmental protection cable standard advanced, then gradually spread to the whole world.

6, High Transmittance:

The smoke produced by the burning of the cable is extremely thin, which is favorable for the evacuation and fire fighting. Product transmittance is greater than 40%, much higher than the traditional flame retardant cable transmittance of less than 20% of the standard.