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New Order From Jabil Circut RG178-ULF-N Female Coaxial Cable Assembly

Nov 29, 2017

New Order from Jabil Circut RG178-ULF-NMale coaxial cable assembly

RG178 UFL N female cable assembly.jpg

The cable set is designed for Urmet, Urmet Italy Europe has been engaged in communication and property management system equipment manufacturing since the 40s of last century. It has advanced technology in the field of telecommunications, fire protection, public safety and building intelligence, and has accumulated nearly 100 years of manufacturing experience. Urmet is also one of the largest and most famous building intercom manufacturers in the world.

The part is made of  RG178(22mm length)-UFL-N Female.

It is the 3rd years since we  become vender for Jabil and Urmet! ALthough the part is samll one, we are doing our best to control the quality