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ELectric Wire & Cable Products Applications

Jul 13, 2017

The application of ELectric Wire & Cable can be summarized into three major applications.

1 power system

This is the cable products as a vertical and horizontal contact lines, and with transformers, all kinds of electrical appliances, such as the composition of the power system. System transmission, with, for all levels of a large number of different levels of voltage level of the ELectric Wire & Cable network as a carrier of transmission power.

The electric ELectric Wire & Cable products used in the power system mainly include ELectric Wire & Cable for the use of bare wires, bus bars, power cables and electrical equipment for power transmission. Power system with the ELectric Wire & Cable output value of the total cable industry accounted for more than 60% of the total.

2 information transmission system

Wires and cables used in information transmission systems such as telephone cables, TV cables, electronic cables, RF cables, and so on. Over the past three decades, optical fiber has been achieved since the optical transmission, fiber optic cable in the information transmission network in the proportion of the rapid increase. At the same time have expanded the transmission capacity, improve the rate, so that the information transmission class cable products had a revolution.

3. Electrical equipment, electrical appliances, instrumentation inside the ELectric Wire & Cable.

In the power and information of the two systems, from the source of the system, through the number of nodes in the line to the user terminal (household appliances, telephone, TV, computer). Using countless electrical equipment, electrical and instrumentation. All of these equipment must use a large number of ELectric Wire & Cable.