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Tips for choosing good quality cable

Apr 18, 2017

To choose a good quality brand cable is not easy job.We can make differ from several points.

First, appearence: Around shape covered with certain smoothness, glossiness jacekt, no cracks or burrs. We can guess cable be out of date by the dark color would have bad performance. Conductor 

is included and hasn't cracks,scars.Insulaion is complete without damage ,scorch and adhesions between other layers.Shield should be continuous,tightly around the package, no sharp corners,curling.

Second, mesurements.Good qulity cable shoule have acturate mesured value,for example,insulation tickness ,SQ ,the number of conductor and so on.

Elesun cable has 15years' production experience and high reputed in best level quality.we can customize different kinds cable according to requirements.Short lead time and good price.