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The relation of Cable material and cold wheather

Dec 20, 2017

In the cold winter, many construction workers will find in the installation of wire and cable, wire and cable products are usually of good quality, often there will be some line body stiff, insulation peeling damage phenomenon, a lot of construction staff that is the cable product itself quality problems, and cable manufacturers also adhere to the products in the factory have after testing, the products are qualified, often leads to the misunderstandings between the two sides

In fact, it is not the quality of the product itself, but because of the cold winter. The outer skin of wire and cable products is mostly ordinary plastic (PVC) or rubber. When they are below zero, they will harden. The whole wire and cable product line will become hard and brittle, which will cause skin damage to be shedding under slight external force. In winter, especially in the northern area, the outdoor temperature is usually below zero, and the land surface temperature may be lower. Therefore, if the wire and cable products are placed outdoors or directly on the surface, it is likely that the phenomenon of skin shedding will happen. So, how do we prevent the shedding of the outer skin of the wire and cable in winter? Take the following steps from each stage