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The main characteristic of coaxial cable (part two)

Dec 29, 2017

The Main Characteristic of Coaxial Cable ( Part Two)

(3).the life of cables

Any cable has a certain life cable in use after a period of time, due to material aging, conductor resistance, leakage, insulation, when the cable attenuation constant than the nominal value is increased by 10% and 15%, the cable should be updated, the general life of the cable according to the quality and the use of different occasions, in 7 - 20 years.

(4). temperature coefficient

The temperature coefficient indicates the influence of temperature change on the cable characteristics, the increase of temperature, the increase of cable loss, the decrease of temperature and the loss of cable.

Besides, the attenuation of coaxial cable is skew with frequency. The change of temperature will not only cause the change of attenuation, but also cause the change of the slope.

(5). shielding coefficient

Shielding coefficient is a parameter to measure the anti-interference ability of coaxial cable, and it is also an important parameter to measure the leakage prevention of coaxial cable. If the cable is not well shielded, the transmitted signal will be affected not only by the crosstalk of the external clutter, but also to the quality of the cable TV, which will disturb other signals, and it will seriously affect the normal access of the cable TV to non CATV users.