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The definition of high temperature cable and how much temperature will withstand

Aug 03, 2020

Usually, Jiangsu Elesun's high-temperature wires are made from solid or stranded made of nickel or silver plated copper wire, its structure is simple which is made up of conductor and insulation layer, the insulator is made by a PFA teflon, this wire is called high temperature wires, generally work temperature at minus 80 degrees to 250 degrees Celsius above freezing, a short period of time can run in the environment of the 300 degrees Celsius.

High temperature wire

In addition to resisting the high temperature environment, high temperature resistant wire also has strong corrosion resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkaline resistance, insulation, moisture resistance, high voltage resistance, fire resistance and other properties to be more prominent, the most important is that this kind of wire also belongs to the "longevity" wire, long service life.

In applications, high-temperature wires also play a powerful role.It is often used as control wire, automobile wire, aviation wire, rubber insulated flexible wire and other applications in communication, construction, automobile, electronics and other industries.

High temperature line type

There are many kinds of high-temperature cables, commonly used are fluoroplastic insulated high-temperature cables, silicone rubber insulated high-temperature cables, silicone rubber insulated braked wires, multi-core insulated high-temperature cables, mineral insulated fire-resistant cables, high-temperature electronic cables.Teflon wire, aircraft wax line, nylon sheath line, teflon high voltage line, silicone rubber high voltage line, mica high temperature line, so the specifications are still more.

What is the maximum degree a hot wire can withstand

Generally, common insulating layer materials of ordinary cables include polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride, etc. The cables made of such materials can generally operate at 70℃ ~ 90℃ for a long time.PFA teflon is used as the insulation layer for high temperature resistant wires. It is precisely because of this material's excellent high temperature resistance that the wires produced by it can operate for a long time at 180 ° C and above.When it comes to the maximum degree of resistance of a hot wire, it's 200℃.However, even the high temperature wire cannot run for a long time at 200℃. It can only run for a short time, otherwise it is also prone to failure.