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The CCA conductor and BC conductor in coaxial cable (part one)

Dec 20, 2017

The CCA conductor and BC conductor in coaxial cable (part one)

The inner conductor cables according to the different points, mainly have two kinds, one is the pure copper material, a copper clad aluminum material. The English copper clad aluminum is: Copper Clad Aluminum, so the copper clad aluminum conductor is often referred to as: CCA conductor. Copper clad aluminum composite wire first by Germany in the last century, launched in 30s, then spread in the United Kingdom, the United States, France and other countries, is widely used in various fields. The CATV cable in the United States began to try the copper clad aluminum wire in 1968, with a consumption of 30 thousand tons per year. Now America has been used for copper clad aluminum (steel) cable replaced copper cable.

Copper clad aluminum in aluminum or aluminum alloy / steel core material surface concentric copper coating layer, by drawing a copper layer with a thickness of more than 0.55mm. Due to the high frequency signal in the transmission conductor has the characteristics of the skin effect, the cable TV signal copper layer on the surface of 0.008mm over the transfer of copper coated aluminum conductor can fully meet the requirements of signal transmission, the signal transmission characteristics consistent with the same diameter copper body.

You can compare the copper clad aluminum and copper is the following three aspects:

Mechanical properties:

Copper conductor strength and elongation than copper clad aluminum conductor, i.e. copper in terms of the mechanical properties of copper clad aluminum than good. Cable from a design perspective, the advantages of copper conductors than copper clad aluminum conductor with good mechanical strength, not necessarily in the actual application process. Copper clad aluminum conductor is much lighter than copper, so copper clad aluminum cable in overall weight than the pure copper conductor cable to light, it will bring convenience to the transportation and erection of cable. In addition a little softer than pure copper copper clad aluminum, copper clad aluminum conductor cable in the production of soft cable is better than pure copper.