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The application advantage of environmental high-temperature cable

Sep 28, 2020

Description: for the use of high temperature cable, electrical products, lamps and lanterns.Environmental protection is very important, so environmental protection high temperature cables have been used more and more in recent years. Let's share the advantages of environmental protection high temperature cables.

In the specific application, environmental protection high-temperature cable actually has the following advantages:

I. Halogen-free:

With low carbon environmental protection cable sheath, convenient and the oxygen insulation layer of the special material, not only have excellent electric function and function of physics mechanical equipment, and also make sure the goods without halogen bulbs, the incineration "secondary pollution" of incineration produces can prevent the traditional PVC cable carcinogens "dioxins" emergency supplies.

Ii. High flame retardant grade:

Environmental protection high temperature cable to ensure its high fire safety standards for the construction of the high temperature cable fire is not easy to incinerate treatment, and can discourage the incineration treatment after the spread of fire and disaster expansion.

Iii. Low endotoxin:

The insulation layer and wire sheath do not contain excessive lead, cadmium and other heavy metals that are harmful to the body, and it is not easy to cause environmental pollution to soil and water resources when high-temperature cable is used and waste materials are applied for.And after severe toxic side effects, the mice were fine under the required preconditions.

Iv. No etching gas is generated:

The new special coating material with zero pollution to the natural environment is not easy to produce HCL and other harmful gases in the process of production, application and incineration, and the acid gas discharged is small, causing less damage to the staff, weapons and equipment, instruments and equipment, and showing the characteristics of environmental protection.

V. Moisture and UV Protection:

The use of different molecular reasonable layout of low-carbon environmental protection materials, to ensure very low water absorption.Different from the general uv absorption agent, so that the product has an excellent uv blocking effect.It ensures the safety factor and delays the service life of this kind of goods.

Vi. High transmittance:

The smoke generated by incineration treatment is extremely deficient, which is beneficial to the fire evacuation and fire fighting work of the staff.The transmittance of the commodity exceeds 40%, which is far above the 20% transmittance limit of traditional flame-retardant varieties of electronic wires