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High Temperature Resistant Compensation Cable

Apr 11, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Application:Coaxial Cable

  • Conductor Material:Copper

  • Trademark:ALS

Product Description
High temperature resistant compensation cable is used in multiple locations temperature measuring applications in power, petrol, chemical and national defense areas.

Main features: Wet proof, flame resistant, acid resistant, high and low temperature resistant.

Its shields can effectively reduce the outside impacts and it can improve the measuring accuracy.

Ambient temperature: -60~275

Laying temperature should be no lower than -20℃

Model Materials Coil Type Section mm2 Conductor No. /Di (mm)
SC compensation alloy coils Singe coil 0.5 1/0.8
KC 1 1/1.13
KX 1.5 1/1.37
NC 2.5 1/1.76
NX Mutiple coil 0.5 7/0.3
JX 1 7/0.43
TX 1.5 7/0.52