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elevator cable will be in great need in the future

Apr 24, 2017

     As a necessary part of elevator, elevator and other equipment, the elevator has a great influence. Cable in life everywhere, industry, family, country and so on are available cables. The elevator cable industry either at present or in the future, almost do not have to worry about the market space, Chinese industries have ushered in the great development of the cable industry, as an important supporting industry of the national economy, "where the building where you need to wire and cable, so the market is huge.

        In recent years, due to the increase in China's infrastructure construction, the rapid development of power industry, coupled with favorable policies, China's power cable demand has increased year by year, driven by increased demand by increasing the production, in the national macroeconomic environment did not fluctuate much, the next few years China's power cable production will remain stable growth, is expected to 2020, China's electric power cable production will reach 110 billion meters. In the next few years, China's electric power, railway, rail transportation, energy, construction, shipbuilding, automobile and other industries still maintain a larger scale of investment, the wire and cable industry will provide many rare opportunities.

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