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Best Feature of CCA used in coaxial cable(part one)

May 18, 2017

Copper clad aluminum cable

Mechanical characteristics. Copper conductor strength and elongation than copper clad aluminum conductor, i.e. copper in terms of the mechanical properties of copper clad aluminum than good. Cable from a design perspective, the advantages of copper conductors than copper clad aluminum conductor with good mechanical strength, not necessarily in the actual application process. Copper clad aluminum conductor is much lighter than copper, so copper clad aluminum cable in overall weight than the pure copper conductor cable to light, it will bring convenience to the transportation and erection of cable. In addition a little softer than pure copper copper clad aluminum, copper clad aluminum conductor cable in the production of soft cable is better than pure copper.

Electrical performance. Because aluminum has poorer conductivity than copper, the DC resistance of copper clad aluminum conductor than pure copper conductor, this has no effect mainly depends on whether the cable will be used to provide power supply, such as amplifier, if used to power, copper clad aluminum conductor will lead to additional power consumption, lower voltage more. When the frequency exceeds 5MHz, the AC resistance at this time is attenuated in the two different conductors, without obvious distinction. Of course, this is mainly because of the skin effect of high-frequency current, the higher the frequency, the current flow is close to the conductor surface, on the surface of copper clad aluminum conductor in pure copper material, when the frequency is higher than a certain time, the current flowing in the plating copper material.