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75 Ohm Coaxial Cable (RG7U)

Apr 22, 2017
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: RG7/U

  • Origin: China

  • Trademark: elesuncable;

  • HS Code: 85442000

  • Product Description

Conductor: 1.3 CCS
Dielectric: 5.72 mm Foam polyethylene
Shield: Al-PES-Al foil shielded 100% Coverage
Aluminum braid 60% coverage
Jacket: 8.10 mm white PVC

Used as a distribution cable for indoor CATV, CCTV systems and as a connection cable for satellite systems where lower attenuation required.

75 ohms cable is used for all video application (baseband video, monitor cables, antenna networks cable TV, CCTV etc), and for telecommunication application.

CATV (Community Antenna Television) and MATV (Master Antenna Television) 75 Ohm coaxial cables are divided into three different installation groups.

Trunk or Feeder Cable: The connection between the transmitters at the cable company to the trunk amplifier.

Distribution Cable: The connection from the trunk amplifier to the drop cable at the curb.

Drop Cable: The connecting cable from the Distribution line into the house.

CCTV Coaxial Cables - 75 Ohm Used in closed-circuit television (CCTV) applications.